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Spring Term 2021

Superheroes to the rescue! This half term we are learning all about Superheroes!

In Art and Design and Technology we have learnt how to sketch a superhero, make one into a puppet and then design and make a 'slider' for our superhero to fly across the city! We have also create a super hero handprint.

In History we have been learning about Kings and Queens in history. We have learned all about King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth II!

In science we have been observing the signs of winter and have enjoyed getting ice to melt releasing items frozen inside. In forest schools the children were challenged with building a warm and cosy nest for a mouse, on the ground. They were encouraged to think about the properties of the materials they were using.

In English we have been reading the book 'Super Daisy'! She saves earth from Planet Pea. We had a go at creating our own stories! We have also read Supertato and created wanted poster for the Evil pea!

We have also been learning about Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the Ox! We used an online tutorial to learn how to draw one!