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Year 2

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We have two classes in year 2:

Mrs Rhodes, PPA - Mrs Wilkinson

Mrs Burton, PPA - Mrs Allen

Mrs Hall is our teaching assistant

As we don’t know how long this could last we would suggest that you explain to your children they will be home schooled for a while. I think setting a routine is crucial to your success and it will help to keep your child busy. Mix some formal learning time with activities of their choice. If you start the day with Joe Wicks’ PE workout at 9am and get rid of some energy then your child will settle better to a more formal task. There’s an app called ‘House Party’ which you could use with other parents to connect the children while they do their PE or other tasks at the same time. This will allow the children to chat about it and connect with others. Praise and reward are important. Why not video the children doing well and share it with family.