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  • We follow the National Curriculum for Science
  • We develop curiosity through practical and engaging experiences
  • We map knowledge and skills for each year group so that learning progresses
  • We provide extra-curricular opportunities to encourage an intrinsic love of science


At Bishopthorpe Infant School we want our pupils to be curious and knowledgeable about the world around them. We encourage children to ask scientific questions about the world and to take part in hands-on investigations to find out the answers to these questions. Children are encouraged to make predictions, to participate in investigations and to share their findings. We aim to teach science in a cross-curricular way that teaches them the appropriate knowledge for their age group but also allows for progression through-out the school.



Each year we get involved with the national initiative ‘Science Week’ as a way to promote science within school and give to the children a focused week to explore different science themes not covered at other times. During this week we do lots of practical and fun investigations and aim to make children aware of the impact that science can have on the world. We also encourage children to look after the world through teaching about recycling and pollution. We take part in the ‘Big Blue’ event as a way to help children to develop an awareness of how pollution effects the oceans and to help them think about how they personally can help and encourage others to look after the world.


We also have a gardening club which gives children to opportunity to learn about the life cycle of plants in a fully practical way. The children have the experience of growing plants from seeds as well as weeding, watering and harvesting fruit and vegetables.