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April 2024- As part of the YSSN we have had some lovely leaders from York High School in to deliver some dance sessions with our Year 2 children.

March 2024 - We took part in Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel - we all enjoyed scooting, walking, running and cycling to school.

December 2023- Our Year 2 children went to a KS1 festival at Manor School. They had a great time competing against other York schools.

October 2023 - We took part in the City of York Council Walk to School Week. Thank you to everybody who took part.

September 2023 - Mr Walton (our PE specialist) has been delivering a basketball and netball skills club with our KS1 children before school - It's great fun!

July 2023- We are using some of our Sport Premium money to have a skip2bfit session delivered by an outside coach to Year 2.

June 2023 - We had so much fun at our Sports Day!

June 2023- We are using some of our Sport Premium money to have a fun day learning how to ride a balance bike for EYFS and Year 1!

June 2023 - Our fabulous Year 2 children went to take part in a rounders competition at York High School.

May - 2023. Miss Ray attended training to become a LTA Youth Schools Primary Teacher. She secured all of this fantastic equipment for us!! Thank you Miss Ray.

Sport Premium Funding. Evidencing the impact 22-23

May 2023- Sponsored Bounce. We have been keeping fit and active bouncing to raise money for charity!

April 2023- In Willow class we are adopting a healthy habit for a month. The children are voting on 3 different ways to keep our bodies healthy and we are going to turn the most popular in to a habit for a month.

February 2023- ABC Tennis came in to show us some new tennis skills. The children had a really fun, active morning.

January 2023- As part of the YSSN we had an active afternoon in Year 2. It was an escape room theme and some lovely students from York High came to deliver the session. We had so much fun!

December 2022- Mr Gargiulo took a fabulous team of Year Two children to a Gymnastics event at Manor High School. They had such a great time.

October 2022- Walk to School week. Thank you so much to all of the children and their families for walking to school instead of using the car this week. Fabulous!

Impact Statement 2022-23

June 2022- We bought a tennis/badmington/volleyball net with some of our sports premium money. We are loving playing with it at break times.

May 2022- we spent some of our Sport Premium money on new playground markings. We have been enjoying using these at playtimes in lots of different ways.

March/April 2022- Sustrans big walk and wheel event

March 2022- we have been using some of our sports funding to have some fun workshops delivered by Mr Ibbott. This week he taught the children dodgeball. They absolutely LOVED it!

We have been awarded a Gold School Games mark for the PE happening in school!