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South York Multi-Academy Trust (SYMAT) encourages all member schools to be self-governing, helping support their responsibility to serve their communities first and foremost. This is achieved through the appointment of a governing body to provide focused governance at the local level. For full details of SYMAT’s governance arrangements and information regarding the Trustees and Members, please see the MAT website.


A single local governing body was created in March 2023 to provide governance across both Bishopthorpe Infant School (BIS) and Archbishop of York’s Church of England Junior School (AYJS), working closely with the Executive Headteacher newly appointed to lead both schools.


Membership of the governing body is made up of a number of different types of governor, reflecting each school’s heritage and our key stakeholders:

  • 2 Parent governors (1 BIS and 1 AYJS)
  • 2 Staff governors (1 BIS and 1 AYJS)
  • 3 Foundation governors (reflecting AYJS’s status as a Church of England school)
  • 5 Trust appointed governors


Between them, the governors bring a blend of skills and experience that is greatly valued. The governing body meets formally six times a year, once every half term, and governors also undertake a number of other responsibilities in support of both schools. All are united in their shared commitment to see our schools continue to flourish and grow at the heart of our community.


Local Governor’s Name                                           Category of Local Governor

Mr Timothy Andrew (Chair, Safeguarding)                 Trust appointed

Mrs Rachel Mullen (Vice-Chair, SEND)                     Trust appointed

Mrs Fiona Phillips                                                       Parent appointed (AYJS)

Mrs Nicola Childs                                                        Parent appointed (BIS)

Mrs Emma Daker                                                        Staff appointed (BIS)

Miss Carley Ray                                                         Staff appointed (AYJS)

Revd Simon Bray                                                        Foundation appointed & Ex-Officio

Mrs Jane Flint                                                             Foundation appointed

Vacancy                                                                      Foundation appointed

Mr Derek Angood                                                        Trust appointed

Mr Simon Sykes (Health & Safety)                             Trust appointed

Vacancy                                                                      Trust appointed


If you would like to contact the governors, you can do so either via letter to the BIS or AYJS school offices, or via email to the Clerk of Governors, Mrs Caroline Rigden, at