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Welcome by Mrs Fox


Hello. I would like to warmly welcome you to our website. I hope it will help you to gain more information about our lovely school. We are a happy and thriving infant school in the village of Bishopthorpe just outside the beautiful and historic city of York.


We are committed to delivering the very best education possible to our pupils to give them a wonderful experience of their early education and to equip them for their next step when they join Archbishop of York Junior School with whom we have a strong partnership.


We aim to offer our pupils a first class education but also enrichment and a confidence that they are important and can make a positive difference to our world.

Our curriculum aims to build on knowledge and skills throughout each year group to embed and secure learning in each subject of the national curriculum.


We plan in a progression of skills, practical first hand experiences, projects, drama, visitors and visits to name but a few things to make the curriculum really come alive for children. We have worked alongside our colleagues at AYJS to ensure this curriculum progression is seamless as pupils transition into Y3. Our before and after school provision is provided in the village by Little Green Rascals. 

Pupils move on to secondary school after AYJS including to Fulford and Millthorpe Schools.


We would love to welcome you to our school of which we are very proud.


Mrs N Fox Headteacher