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Spring 2

Keeping Fit and Healthy

In Birch Class we have been learning about the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who was an Italian painter best known for using fruits, vegetables, animals, books, and other objects to resemble human portraits. We loved looking at his paintings and trying to spot all the different fruits and vegetables that he painted! We all enjoyed drawing some different fruits and vegetables and the year 1 children painted their own self-portraits in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. 

Oak Class loved growing their own cress and learning about what plants need to grow. We have looked carefully at the different parts of a plant and have studied them closely in the observational painting area. Lots of the children also chose to create their own pictures showing flowers, petals, stems and leaves in the transient art area.

In Willow class we have been enjoying looking at measurement. We especially loved our capacity work. We made disgusting potions, talked about which containers held the most and the least in the water tray and investigated the container that held the most in the washing up bowl. We were also able to record our findings. Maths is fun!

Beech and Sycamore have been busy this half term! We had science week where we carried out an investigation into growing cress in different conditions. We also carried out some other fun experiments. We also had Phunky Foods in where we made healthy energy balls. some of us thought they were 'yummy and delicious' whilst others thought they were 'disgusting!' We have painted some pictures taking inspiration from Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We also made mothers day cards and have been measuring lots in maths!