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The Continuous Cursive Script


We adopt a continuous cursive style of writing. Its most important feature is that each letter is formed without taking the pencil off the paper. Consequently, each word is formed in one, flowing movement.


The key advantages of this script:


  • By making each letter in one movement, children’s hands develop a ‘physical memory’ of it, making it easier to produce the correct shape;
  • The starting and finishing points for all Continuous Cursive letters are easier to remember (they all start on the line and, other than a  few exceptions, all finish on the line)
  • As letters and words flow from left to right, children are less likely to reverse letters which are typically difficult (ie b/d, p/q)
  • There is a clear distinction between capital letters and lowercase;
  • The transition to joined writing is simple and occurs sooner, allowing children to concentrate on the composition of the writing, rather than thinking how to form the letters.
  • Words written in one set of movements, without the pencil being taken off the paper, helps the motor memory store spellings.
  • The continuous flow of writing ultimately improves speed and spelling.

(The British Dyslexia Association)