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Summer 1

Moo Baa Cluck!

Birch class really enjoyed learning about Queen Elizabeth II and were amazed to find out that she has been Queen of England for seventy years! To celebrate the Queen's platinum Jubilee they designed their own crowns and then carefully made them out of clay. 

In Willow Class we have enjoyed some creative activities as part of the Queen's jubilee. The children have made some super crowns and fantastic flags! 

Oak Class celebrated the Queen's Jubilee by making decorations, designing and making clay crowns and making crowns to wear for our special celebration picnic.

The true story of the 3 little pigs

In Beech and Sycamore we have been creating our own version of the 3 little pigs story from the view point of the wolf. The children thought of reason why the wolf might have been visiting the 3 little pigs e.g baking a cake for his grandma, but was missing an ingredient and thought his neighbours might be able to lend him some. The houses were simply blown down by accident due to a cough/sneeze. The 3 little pigs blew the whole thing out of proportion and poor Mr Wolf ended up in jail and Grandma with no cake! The children were full of imaginative ideas and were keen to share their stories in assembly.

Knights and Castles workshop

Beech and Sycamore class thoroughly enjoyed the knights and castles workshop and found out lots of interesting facts about kings and queens in the past, including royal banquets and battles. The children had to guess what some of the artifacts might have been used for and some got to try out some of the props that were brought in.


The Queen's Jubilee

The children did a great job designing and creating their jubilee t-shirts, something they can keep for years to come as a momento to the occasion. They also used clay to create their own crowns after using Chromebooks to research what past kings and queens wore. It was great to celebrate as a school with our jubilee party lunch.