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Spring 1

Polar Bears and Penguins

Birch class have been learning about the Arctic and the animals and people who live there. We really enjoyed reading the story The Lights that Dance in the Night by Yuval Zommer which is about the Northern Lights (aurora borealis). We then used chalk to experiment and create our own pictures of the Northern Lights. 


Oak class have been learning about the Arctic and its cold, icy climate. The children were very keen to explore our own ice on a frosty morning and enjoyed watching it melt in their hands. Oak class were brilliant at explaining that the ice was melting because of the warmth from their hands!

Willow Class have loved studying penguins. We put charcoals out on the easel and let the children draw their own penguins- free hand. We love how they are all totally unique but utterly brilliant!

Beech and Sycamore class have thoroughly enjoyed this topic, which started off with a penguin visiting our class back in January with the book Lost and Found to share. We then had a polar bear come to visit with the story polar bear and the snow cloud which the children created fabulous versions of the story in English. 


They have learnt lots of interesting facts about the polar regions and discovered there are 18 species of penguin in the world. The children chose 6 penguins to focus on in more detail using chrome books and information texts to research before creating their own fact files. 


We looked at the famous explored Ernest Shackleton and his expeditions to Antarctica. The children became news reporters for the day interviewing the famous explorer himself.


In science we looked at animals that lived in the polar regions and how they have adapted to their habitat. The children have learnt about food chains as part of this topic.

Northern light pictures created in art using chalk to blend the wonderful colours that can be seen.